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Target allows multiple payments both online & at the physical store. If you don't need anything there, they'll also take them to purchase gift. When I made a payback sched, these cards worked without fail. And my Costco Citi Visa payments could be made on it. I called Visa to sort it out and they said that due to restrictions on the card, they can't be added to a digital wallet like Google Pay (a. You may need to activate the card for online purchases via the information on the back of the card or through the information packet included. I did this just the other day for a $14 purchase from a sketchy online site. I created an additional free "virtual" prepaid visa card with.

I have looked at previous threads and found someone mentioning that a VISA debit card from MCB can help for online purchase but when i contacted. They can be used just like any other credit card, for online purchases or whatever. I want a prepaid credit card for buying stuff online and I'm not sure where to get one. I want one that will work in my apple wallet and. 30 votes, 46 comments. I have three $5 virtual visa cards and anything I would like to purchase online is more costs more than the balance. Guy has been on Reddit for 12 years but doesn't want their information on the internet. How can I make a large online purchase using visa pre. Walmart wouldn't let me buy their gift cards online, USPS won't take them as payment, and Kroger stores won't authorize these cards. After. Looking for a virtual + reloadable debit card that doesn't require authentication. Recently I sold a gift card for PayPal cash, I. Pbandsadness. • 2y ago. Not a perfect solution, but you can buy a Visa or Mastercard gift card in cash at a store. Upvote 3. Downvote Reply reply. Recently I've been trying to convert Virtual Prepaid cards that I receive into physical cards for ease of use in stores. I've attached virtual prepaid visas to my Paypal and used them as a payment method when online shopping. I've also used them to partially.

Best use of a (virtual) prepaid debit card? Through my job I've come into a virtual (i.e. no physical card) prepaid mastercard. This can't be. I'm curious to know how y'all feel about virtual payment cards like I feel like it's good, don't know if there are other ones. Im trying to buy some shit online and it keeps getting rejected because of my wisely pay card. Is there some prepaid visa or something I can. Just wanted to ask to if I can use a virtual prepaid card for payment. The one I'm currently trying to use is called chippercash. 18 votes, 24 comments. Hi! So I would like to buy a single on-line subscription and it only accepts credit cards as payment. 53 votes, 18 comments. I do this as an alternative to putting my actual card information on websites. I just put how much the subscription. I have a paysafe MasterCard, which is what you would call a prepaid card. No you don't need a credit card, but I had to order one from paysafe. I have successfully made online purchases with non-reloadable Vanilla gift cards. Don't forget to register a zip code on their web page first . I use my cash app prepaid visa. It's free and you load whatever amount you want on it. You can even go to walgreens or other stores to load.

ensure that your prepaid card is empty at all times.. til the next time you need to purchase something online.. load the card.. empty it again. What is the best way to securely shop online using a prepaid service or card without having half your balance eaten up by fees? Just go open a checking account at your local bank and get a debit card from that. I want use this website for general online privacy but they only accept US issued bank cards, I don't live in the US. Hi team. Looking for options for prepaid cards from Visa or Mastercard, for online purchases without risking having my main credit card.

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